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Board of Directors

Meet the team behind
Organization for Lucid Dream Studies

Elliott Gish, PhD

Elliott Gish, PhD

Elliott Gish holds a PhD in Psychology with a specialization in Dream Studies. His thesis was an autobiographical case study on the induction of lucid dreaming and his doctoral dissertation focused on lucid dreaming for chronic pain relief. For years, he has taught people around the world how to increase their lucid dreaming skills and how to apply these abilities towards improving their lives.

Allion McCarthy

Allison McCarthy

Allison McCarthy is a passionate advocate for sleep health and lucid dream exploration. As a former Google employee, she places an emphasis on technology and data science to evolve our understanding of dreams. She is Founder of The Sleeping Third, where she provides free educational content on sleep, dreams, & lucid dreaming, in addition to being a featured dream expert on Netflix + Vox: The Mind, Explained.

Dina Moench, JD

Dina Moench, JD

Dina Moench is a licensed attorney in New Jersey and an avid lucid dreamer. She draws inspiration from her lucid dreaming experiences to create novels as well as screenplays. Her interests lie primarily in the overlap between mental health, creativity, and lucid dreaming. She uses her writings to explore the intersection of these concepts through a fictional lens.

Remington Mallett PhD

Research Director
Remington Mallett, PhD

Remington Mallett is an NIH-funded postdoctoral fellow working in Ken Paller's Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory at Northwestern University. His PhD work emphasized memory and attention systems as well as how the brain implements them. His current work focuses on how these systems change overnight, how they are structured during lucid dreams, and how we can harness these understandings for clinical gains.

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