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Financial Info

96% of OLDS spending is directed to lucid dream education and research.

Program Income          $2023       48.6%

Donations                      1755       42.1%

Memberships                  387          9.3%

Program Expenses       $1495       95.8%

Processing Fees                 65         4.2%

Stewardship is a Core Value of Organization for Lucid Dream Studies. Our commitment to stewardship means we thoughtfully allocate our resources to ensure the maximum amount of funding gets put toward our program work. That is why we are proud to report 96% of spending in 2022 was directed toward our mission of furthering lucid dream education and research.


Transparency is another Core Value of OLDS. We strive to display complete openness and accountability in all aspects of the organization. Accordingly, this page is dedicated to thoroughly communicating our financial information, including the annual Form 990, as well as relevant documents, such as our conflict of interest policy and IRS letter of determination as a 501(c)3 nonprofit.

2022 Form 990
Annual Report 2022


Conflict of Interest policy
IRS Letter of Determination for 501(c)3 nonprofit status
Certificate of Incorporation
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