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Our Mission

Organization for Lucid Dream Studies was founded to help people understand and experience lucid dreaming through affordable education based in science, while advancing knowledge through action-oriented research.

Our vision is making lucid dreams accessible to everyone.

What We Do:

  1. Educate the general public about the subject of lucid dreaming.

  2. Provide educational programs for people who seek to develop their lucid dreaming skills.

  3. Conduct research towards advancing scientific knowledge about lucid dreaming.

  4. Encourage research into lucid dreaming by connecting interested individuals with ongoing scientific studies.

Rainbow smear on black background. Image by Ben Sweet.


Accessibility - We strive to make our services approachable and attainable by everyone.

Excellence - We aim to deliver quality education and research, grounded in science.

Transparency - We display complete openness, communication, and accountability.

Innovation - We embrace new ideas, change, and continual improvement.

Stewardship - We focus on longevity through financial, social, & environmental sustainability.

Core Values

Be Ethical. 

We believe being a leader means acting with integrity. Thus, we uphold ethical standards in all aspects of our work, from education to research and beyond. This means ensuring we stay on the right side of copyright law and intellectual property rights as well as attaining ethical validation for all of our research activities.

Advance Knowledge. 

We maintain that knowledge is intrinsically related to freedom. This is the reason we are persistent in our development of new understandings. We generously share the insights and expertise we have acquired in order to further everyone’s proficiencies on given subject matters.

Listen Openly. 

We view diversity as a strength to be embraced. That is why we actively listen to and act upon community concerns through asking appropriate questions alongside maintaining open-mindedness in all endeavors.

Keep Adapting. 

We recognize the need for flexibility and the ability to pivot in this fast-paced world. To accomplish this objective, we forego the ideal of perfection in lieu of prioritizing implementation, assessment, and reiteration.

Improve Lives. 

We emphasize the betterment of people’s quality of life. Using curiosity and creative problem-solving, we focus on actions which will enhance individual and community well-being.

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