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Gain a deeper understanding of yourself by completing research surveys designed by scientists from around the world. Your participation helps push the boundaries of science and uncover potential applications of lucid dreaming in various fields like mental health, learning, and creativity.


Our research relies on the invaluable insights of individuals like you, who have experienced lucid dreaming or are curious about its possibilities. Whether you are a seasoned lucid dreamer or have never had a lucid dream before, we welcome everyone to take part in our research.


Your responses will remain anonymous and confidential, adhering to the highest standards of ethical research practices. Become part of this groundbreaking quest to unlock the secrets of lucid dreaming!


Basic information like age and education

4 questions, ~1 minute

Sleeping and Dreaming

Learn more about your slumber & nocturnal adventures

10 questions, ~5 minutes

19 questions, ~8 minutes

6 questions, ~2 minutes

Lucid Dreams

Discover how your experiences and perceptions compare to others

14 questions, ~10 minutes

6 questions, ~2 minutes

10 questions, ~4 minutes


Dive into your psyche and gain a deeper understanding of your mind

4 questions, ~1 minute

15 questions, ~8 minutes

4 questions, ~1 minute

21 questions, ~9 minutes

4 questions, ~1 minute

16 questions, ~7 minutes

Organization for Lucid Dream Studies is a 501(c)3 nonprofit accredited by the IRS.

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